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Here in California, we enjoy some of the mildest weather in the United States. However, this doesn’t mean that paint catches a break at all. Countless sunny days means paint fades, chalks and wears off. In Southern California, the sun is even harsher than it is throughout the rest of the state. Along the coast, salt corrosion and fog lead to even further breakdown of a paint coat. Los Angeles painting jobs tend to suffer the most, victims of both relentless sun and coastal weather conditions. In California, repainting every 3-5 years is the norm.

This makes an ideal situation for Rhino Shield. Long hours of sun beating down on a coat of paint day after day calls for tough paint. Rhino Shield is proven to last far longer than ordinary paint, which is why we offer a 25year warranty with it. Rhino Shield of California is standing by to paint your home with the toughest, most durable paint alternative around.

Brief History

Rhino Shield began in 2000 with a single purpose—to create a paint that would last longer than any other paint on the market.

We started out by consulting top chemists and manufacturers partners, spending a year with R&D. Before long, the results showed that ceramics were the best way to provide durability and longevity. Additionally, we discovered that breathability was essential to durability.

After much preparation, planning and testing, we began producing Rhino Shield. Field testing confirmed what lab testing (including that of the renowned BASF labs) already had proven: that Rhino Shield was extremely durable.

Our certified Los Angeles, California Rhino Shield dealer has been carefully screened for home improvement expertise as well as for a solid reputation. Years of experience with home improvement and customer service leaves us more than qualified to paint your home or building. Our Los Angeles painting professionals are well trained and well equipped to deal with the particular challenges facing area structures.

We’re honored to be given the chance to paint your home or building, so we take it very seriously. Besides, our products are in the top of the paint market, so it wouldn’t make sense for us to provide anything less than world-class customer service. We also know a coat of paint is only worth as much as how it’s applied, so we make sure that each dealer knows exactly how to apply Rhino Shield. We guarantee not only excellence in our products, but excellence in our service.

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