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Southern California Rhino Shield for Your Commercial Exterior

Any smart business owner recognizes that the buildings they own are representative of their business. A large part of a building’s appearance is governed by the paint coat on it. Imagine two businesses, each with a building—one with a flaking, chipped coat and one with a fresh, shiny coat—it’s obvious which business will be more appealing. Here in California, it’s pretty typical to repaint every 3-5 years. However, this is a costly process. It can seem like you’re stuck in a constant cycle of repainting. Thankfully, we’ve developed an alternative to paint that far outlasts any other commercial painting materials, meaning you will never have to paint again.


The California Rhino Shield Difference

The first thing people notice about Rhino Shield is how incredibly durable it is. To some, this may seem crazy, as if no paint can last that long. To make sense of how our paint alternative is able to be so durable, you have to learn about what normal paint is made of and how Rhino Shield sets a new standard. Ordinary paint used in commercial painting jobs is composed of roughly one third solids. The rest is water. This means that when the paint is done drying, you’re left with a thin, fragile coat that is bound to flake and chip off after a few years—even with California’s mild weather. Building upon that, the solids within regular paint aren’t very durable. They’re typically cheap filler materials like chalk that only weaken the integrity of the coat. Comparatively, Rhino Shield is well over two thirds solids. This leaves you with a thick, durable coat that can stand up to much more abuse. Adding to that, the solids within Rhino Shield are ceramic microspheres that are guaranteed to last for years. They are different sizes so that they can pack together to form a dense, solid coat. There’s a reason why we say “It’s not paint!”


No matter where you live or work— Los Angeles, Riverside, Malibu, Costa Mesa, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach—we can spruce up your home or office with the most attractive and resilient coatings available.

What Rhino Shield Does For You

  • It protects your building. Rhino Shield waterproofs, fireproofs (with a Class A fire rating), and provides resistance to mold and mildew growth.
  • Saves on energy bills. One of the great things about Rhino Shield is that it insulates your building. Additionally, it reflects 90% of UV-rays, keeping the temperature of your walls down. That way, you can save on heating and cooling costs by simply applying an exterior coating- in fact, energy bills can be reduced by as much as 60%.
  • Saves you time and money. This one’s easy- by not having to paint again for at least 25 years, you save a large amount of time and money. Repainting is expensive, so having the luxury of avoiding it is bound to save you money.
  • Beautifies your building. Our coating can match any color, ensuring that you will be left with a luxurious finish that will look fantastic for years to come.
  • Green friendly. Rhino Shield is also far more friendly to the environment than ordinary paint. It contains much less VOC’s, and by having to be applied less often, it means less toxic chemicals being exposed to the environment.
  • Up to 10x as thick as ordinary paint. With a coating that is this much thicker than ordinary paint, it’s really no surprise why our coatings exhibit such durability and longevity. This is part of what makes a Rhino Shield application such a great investment.

With all these benefits, it’s not hard to see why more and more California business owners are choosing Rhino Shield when they repaint their buildings. It saves money, time and is guaranteed to look great on your building for years to come- it just makes sense. Any sensible business owner can see the value in having a fantastic looking building as well as cutting down on costs. So next time you’re going to repaint your commercial building, ask yourself- why repaint when you don’t have to? Choose Rhino Shield and never paint again!

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