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In Part I of this two-part blog segment, we discussed exterior aspects to consider to help save you money when you own commercial properties. In this segment, we will explore some tips for various interior aspects to consider to reduce costs.

Building interiors require just as much attention as exterior aspects. You want to make sure walls have a high-quality commercial paint that lasts a long time, like our outstanding coatings. Unlike most other interior paints that typically require two to three coats just to provide adequate coverage, our paints adhere better to the walls and normally only require a single coating, which saves you money.


Aside from the walls, other aspects you should evaluate include:

  • Lighting – Upgrading to LED and low-energy bulbs reduces energy bills.
  • Light Sensors/Timers – Install timers and sensors so lights only remain on when movement is detected.
  • Add Vending Machines – Provide your tenants access to snacks, beverages, and other items.
  • Reduce Daily Upkeep Responsibilities – You can make general cleaning and upkeep tasks the responsibility of your tenants and reduce costs associated with these tasks.
  • Offer Shared Offices – A growing trend is to share office spaces, where more than one business or person rents just the space they need. Using this method can help increase rental incomes and reduce vacancies.


Remember to check out Part I of this blog segment to discover money-saving tips for building exteriors. To learn more about our interior paints and coatings for your commercial buildings, contact Rhino Shield SoCal at (855) 744-6645 today!