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There are all sorts of costs related to building maintenance, upkeep, and repairs, as well as energy bills to consider when you own commercial properties.  In this two-part blog segment, we will explore different options on how you could potentially save money and improve your cash flows.  In this first part, we will look at exterior aspects and, in Part II, explore interior aspects.


Maintaining the exterior of your commercial properties is an essential part of attracting and retaining tenants. For business owners who own the property, the exterior is equally important, as it is the first impression your customers will see. Some of the more common elements you will want to evaluate include:

  • Waterproofing – The roof and windows should be inspected to make sure they are properly sealed from water to avoid costly water damages and repairs.
  • Exterior Finish – Whether the finish is metal, brick, or wood, it needs to provide protection and last a long time. Our commercial coatings are designed to protect for a long time and are fade and weather resistant.
  • Doors – Doors should be solid and well-insulated to prevent the loss of heated/cooled interior air.
  • Solar Panels – If you have ample roof space, you can offset energy costs by installing solar panels.
  • Insulation – Improving the insulation reduces energy bills and maintains a more evenly balanced interior temperature.


To learn about some interior money saving tips, please check out Part II. For a quote for our superior exterior finishes for your commercial buildings, please feel free to call Rhino Shield SoCal at (855) 744-6645 today!