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In Part I of this two-part blog series, residential and commercial painters in Los Angeles, Rhino Shield SoCal, discussed what steps were needed before you can create an accent wall. In this blog segment, we will look at different techniques you can use to liven up the rooms in your home.

Texturize the Wall

There are various methods to do this, like ragging, cracking, sponging, and so on, or you can put up wallpaper with a texture and paint over it. The textures give the wall a “3D” effect to draw attention.

Color Blocking

Your walls do not have to be one solid color. Color blocking is where you alternate paint colors in sections of various sizes along the wall. One of the more popular types of color block is creating evenly spaced stripes.

Light and Dark

A solid dark color wall goes great when it is surrounded by lighter colored walls. The dark color will create the focal point within the room.

Corner Colored Walls

In a room painted a light or white color, you can create a focal point in one of the corners by painting the two adjacent walls with a bold or pastel color that pops.

If you find an idea you like but are not sure if you have the skills to accomplish it, remember to call Rhino Shield SoCal at (855) 744-6645 for help!