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Irvine, CA Painters

The Challenges of Irvine Painting

Southern California may be famous for its gentle climate, but even its mild weather is notorious for eroding a decent paint job. Between summer sun, winter rains, and autumn marine layers, the seasons make it hard for property owners to keep their homes and businesses looking fresh. All it takes is a few short years for paint to chip, peel, and fade. Before you know it, you’re once again on the phone with your local Irvine painters, requesting a fresh coat for your home or business.

Conventional Paint Chips and Fades

The problem isn’t Irvine’s easygoing weather; it’s the paint. The poor quality of traditional latex paint makes it incredibly vulnerable to wear and tear. Composed primarily of water (roughly 60 percent), the typical paint sold on the market is hardly known for its strength against adversity. It doesn’t stand a chance against the elements. Even Southern California’s mild weather can erode its beauty in less than five years.


Irvine Painting That Lasts

On the sunny side, there’s an alternative to your average latex paint. Rhino Shield ceramic coating is made of sturdier stuff. Unlike traditional paint, it consists almost entirely of robust solids (up to 80 percent). With superior quality comes greater durability. No more calling up the painters every three to five years. With Rhino Shield, you can enjoy a vibrant exterior for up to 25 years. Why settle for cheap, flimsy paint when you can coat your home or office in a better-looking, longer-lasting alternative? If you want beauty that lasts, choose Rhino Shield.