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Newport Beach Painters

Traditional Newport Beach Painting Chips and Fades

Newport Beach is known for its scenic coastlines and beautiful weather. Unfortunately, the same qualities that make it a sought-after destination also make it a difficult place for your average residential or commercial paint job. The sun beats down relentlessly; the wind brings in plenty of salt spray from the ocean; rain and fog fall heavily on area homes and businesses. Within a few short years, your average exterior starts to chip, peel and fade.


Rhino Shield Isn’t Your Average Paint

Most property owners are used to calling up their local Newport Beach painters every three to five years to lay on another layer of paint. It’s a fact of life in a coastal community. Or so people believe, but what if there were an alternative? Now there is. It’s called Rhino Shield, and it’s not traditional paint as you know it. Your average latex paint consists of about 60 percent water. That makes it thin, runny, and short-lived. Rhino Shield ceramic coating, on the other hand, is thick and durable, containing up to 80 percent solids.


Newport Beach Painting You Can Depend Upon

The superior quality of Rhino Shield ceramic coating pays rich dividends in terms of longevity. While traditional paint lasts for three, maybe five years, Rhino Shield keeps its luster for up to 25 years. With durability like that, you’ll never go back to latex again. After all, why paint three times every decade when you can paint thrice a century?