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Rhino Shield offers a wide variety of coatings for a number of purposes, including interior, exterior, residential, commercial and even roofing.


Between all of these products, you’ll never be at a loss for beautifying and protecting your California home or building. If you have any questions about which of our coatings is best for your property, please contact us.


Diversity means more options

Adhesive Primer Sealer (APS)

Adhesive Primer Sealer is a transparent acrylic that resists water as well as bonds and seals the surface to be painted. The purpose of this primer is to strengthen and prepare surfaces for additional coats. Additionally, it can be used to fill pressure cracks in stucco walls. This primer is sure to leave a solid undercoat for our other paints.

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Self Priming Coat (SPC)

Our SPC is an astonishingly breathable acrylic primer that provides water resistance, high breathability, excellent coverage and superior adhesion. It consists of high quality resins and ceramic spheres- the standard of Rhino Shield paints. As such, it offers both soundproofing and insulation.

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Red Iron Oxide

Red Iron Oxide is a primer designed to prep metal as well as inhibit the growth of existing rust. Rust may be not quite as prevalent in California, but this is still a great primer for metals. It is very high in solids including zinc and red iron oxide pigments. Our Red Iron Oxide primer is also much more environmentally friendly than traditional red iron oxide formulas.

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Adhesive Stain Blocker

This primer is similar to our signature APS primer but with additional performance benefits. ASB is a stain blocker and offers higher breathability. A higher perm rate makes this ideal for many surfaces. As a stain blocking primer, it can eliminate the need and cost of a separate stain blocking product. Rhino Block will block most surface stains and encapsulate surface oil.

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Finish Coats

Its important to complete a look with the perfect pair

Durable Finish Coat (DFC)

Durable Finish Coat is a topcoat that resists water, insulates, soundproofs, reflects UV rays and protects your walls. Our DFC paint also offers Class A fire ratings as well as mildew and mold growth resistance- making it perfect for protecting against California brush fires. Unlike most other top coats, DFC is also breathable. This makes it possible for moisture trapped within the walls to escape.

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Protective Finish Coat (PFC)

Rhino Shield’s Protective Finish Coat insulates and provides solar reflective benefits. This helps to keep cooling costs down in the toasty regions of Southern California. Its high permeability rating contributes to its breathability. Combining this with our Self Priming Coat makes a very breathable solution for certain types of wood and other surfaces that require additional breathability.

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Rhino Ceramic Enamel

Rhino Shield Enamel is durable multi-use enamel. The Rhino Enamel utilizes acrylic and urethane as the binders and ceramic microsphere solids for a superior product. A hard, durable enamel, it offers good resistance to stains, scrubbing, and abrasion. The urethane polymer composition provides excellent resistance to weathering, salt air, chemicals, and corrosion.

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Rhinopoxy is a two part, water-borne epoxy. Unlike traditional epoxies, this water based epoxy is eco-friendly, low odor, and easy to apply. Rhinopoxy provides a high-gloss, hard finish that can protect a wide variety of surfaces. Rhinopoxy is tintable and benefits include chemical/solvent resistance and excellent hide.

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Protect Stain & Sealer

Protect Stain & Sealer is a high performance clear gloss stain. This state of the art clear sealer is a durable, long-lasting protective coating ideal for many surfaces, particularly wood. Protect Stain & Sealer penetrates and seals aged wood as well as bonds to the surface. Revolutionary use of a nanotechnology micro-silicone additive polysiloxane dramatically improves water repellency when compared with the currently available wood sealers. Water repellency is key to protecting the surface from water intrusion and resulting water damage. The result is extended wood lifespan. In addition, by using proprietary advance technology acrylic resit, Protect Stain also offers excellent abrasion resistance from wear and tear of foot traffic. After thousands of hours of accelerated weathering testing, Protect Stain experienced minimal color change which results in superior gloss retention. Gloss retention maintains the beautiful appearance and color of your deck or siding.

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Ceramic One Coat (COC) ™

COC is an exterior ceramic paint formulated with top grade acrylic resins, ceramic microspheres and a high pigment content- basically, you can tell it’s a Rhino Shield paint. COC boasts insulation, waterproofing, and excellent coverage. This paint self-primes and is designed as a single coat, thick application that is a cost-effective solution for your California home or building.

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Rhino-Clear is our clear-coat waterproofing sealer. Rhino-Clear protects and waterproofs surfaces while also stopping the growth of mold, mildew and algae. Rhino-Clear can either have a clear finish, or a luxurious gloss finish. Additionally, Rhino-Clear helps restore the original color of your walls or existing paint job in lieu of repainting.

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Rhino Urethane

Rhino Urethane is a high gloss, acrylic polyurethane coating. Comprised of high solids, this two-part urethane coating provides superior weathering and high quality color retention. It is may be tinted to virtually any color.
Rhino Two-Part Urethane is classified as an industrial urethane coating, designed for harsh environments. Additionally, it offers outstanding resistance to acids, stains and chemicals. Rhino Urethane is a flexible coating that maintains durability with structure movement.

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Rhino Rust Bond

Rhino Rust Bond is a two part epoxy primer designed specifically for rusted metal surfaces. The Rust Bond will seal rust and contains a rust inhibitor to improve corrosion protection. Rhino Rust Bond penetrates and will reinforce and bond heavy rust. This primer requires a top coat. Rhino Rust bond is a two part, 100% solid epoxy system. Easy to install and will quickly become your favorite solution for rust.

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Rhino Ceramic Epoxy

Rhino Ceramic Epoxy is an 80% solid two-component ceramic epoxy. It provides an extremely hard and seamless, hygienic and durable surface. The coating is engineered to bond to most any surface, resist wear and tear from impact and abrasion. Cured Rhino Ceramic Epoxy is highly resistant to a broad range of chemicals including caustics, acids, salts, fuels, and solvents. Rhino Ceramic Epoxy is self leveling and easy to apply. Available colors are blue and tan. It can be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. Rhino Ceramic Epoxy is ideal for water tanks, water pipes and potable water containers.

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High performance ceramic roof coating

Roof One Coat

Super Shield® Roof One Coat is a self priming ceramic elastomeric roof coating. Super Shield® may be used on sloped residential and commercial roofs. The high build design is ideal for one coat coverage and protection.  It is ideal and has excellent adhesion on concrete, asphalt, primed metal, clay tile, masonry tile, bonded roof gravel, bitumen membranes, aluminum, Styrofoam, slate and various other roofing substrates.

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Flat Roof

Rhino Roof Flat Roof’s ceramic formula offers substantial waterproofing and insulation benefits. Flat Roof forms a thick rubber like membrane with excellent flexibility and tensile strength. Easy to apply, the roof coating extends the life of the roof, is cheaper than re-roofing, provides a layer of leak protection, and is mold resistant.

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High performance interior paint

Nature’s Cote ®

Nature’s Cote is what happens when you take the principles that make Rhino Shield tough and turn it into a high performance interior paint. Just like Rhino Shield, the difference between Nature’s Cote and ordinary paint is that it is formulated with ceramic spheres instead of fillers. Nature’s Cote’s durability is unmatched with high stain and dirt resistance. As if how tough it is wasn’t enough, this interior paint has also proven to have substantial insulating and soundproofing qualities.

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Nature’s Cote ® Rx

As if Nature’s Cote didn’t have enough benefits as is, we created an interior coating that possesses superb antibacterial qualities. We infuse this coating with silver, which kills bacteria. It’s ideal for nursing homes, daycares, hospitals and any buildings with a lot of people or bacteria.

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From top to bottom, interior to exterior and brick to wood, Rhino Shield has a coating for all your properties needs!

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