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 Adhesive Stain Blocker- ASB

2 in 1 Stain Blocker and Primer


This primer is similar to our signature APS primer but with additional performance benefits. ASB is a stain
blocker and offers higher breathability. A higher perm rate makes this ideal for many surfaces.
As a stain blocking primer, it can eliminate the need and cost of a separate stain blocking product. Rhino
Block will block most surface stains and encapsulate surface oil. ASB boasts strong surface adhesion with
our signature sticky finish. Unlike most primers that lay on the surface, ASB will penetrate and becomes
part of the substrate. This tight seal protects against moisture and solves stubborn adhesion issues.

✓ residential ✓ commercial ✓ all climates
✓ new wood ✓ walls ✓ stain blocker


ASB is ideal for priming new wood or when coating over stains and oil. Adhesive Stain Blocker may also be
used on multiple surfaces when flexibility and breathability are desired.



• Excellent Adhesion
• Block Most Stains from Forming
• High Breathability
• Very Flexible
• Great Chalk Sealing
• Signature Tacky Feel


FINISH: Transparent
COLOR: Clear
VEHICLE TYPE: Copolymer Emulsion
SOLIDS BY WEIGHT: 50% +/- 2%
V.O.C.’s: .54 lbs/gal 65 g/l
GALLON WEIGHT: 8.75 lbs +/- .2lbs
SPREAD RATE: 425 to 450 sq. ft/gallon
DRY TO TOUCH: 1 to 2 hours
RECOAT: 6 hours
FULL CURE: 5 to 7 days


Discover the new age of long lasting property protection and choose Rhino Shield for your next paint or coating project!

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