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 Durable Finish Coat-DFC

Ceramic Elastomeric Coating


As Rhino Shield’s signature system, Durable Finish Coat is proven to outlast the competition. DFC is used in our 2 coat or 3 coat systems. DFC excels in most conditions. Comprised of compact, variable sized ceramic microspheres, DFC’s benefits are unmatched.
DFC Is a 100% acrylic waterborne, latex based, high build formula that waterproofs, insulates, soundproofs, beautifies and protects. Innovative technology combines elastomeric acrylic resin with urethane resin to result in a waterproofing elastic film that expands and contracts with hot and cold temperatures, but also has good impact resistance and excellent chemical resistance.
Durable Finish Coat exceeds all relevant industry standards. DFC forms a thick rubber-like ceramic shield of protection that actually becomes part of the substrate when paired with the APS primer due to excellent adhesion and bonding. Durable Finish Coat offers superior mildew and corrosion resistance. Furthermore, DFC offers insulation and soundproofing, excellent adhesion, ultraviolet ray reflectivity and a beautiful finish. DFC can be tinted to virtually any color


✓ residential ✓ commercial ✓ most climates
✓ all substrates ✓ walls ✓ roofs


Rhino Shield Durable Finish Coat is ideal for most climates and substrates. DFC may be used for residential and
commercial purposes. Applications include: wood, metal, brick, stucco, HardiePlank®, etc.


• Flexible and Breathable
• Durable
• Long Warranty
• Great Adhesion and Tensile Strength
• Water Resistant
• Class “A” Fire Rating
• Superior Salt Tolerance
• Attractive Colors and Appearance
• Helps Resist Mold, Mildew and Algae

FINISH: Matte or Satin
VEHICLE TYPE: Copolymer Emulsion
V.O.C.’s: .74 lbs /gal 88.8 g/liter
GALLON WEIGHT: 10.9 lbs. +/- .3 lbs.
SPREAD RATE: 75 to 125 Sq. ft./gal.
DRY TO TOUCH: 2 to 4 hours
RECOAT: 18-24 hours
FULL CURE 5 to 7 days
@9mils dry


Discover the new age of long lasting property protection and choose Rhino Shield for your next paint or coating project!

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