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Flat Roof


The Flat Roof System is a bright white elastomeric roof coating offering substantial waterproofing and insulation benefits with excellent flexibility and tensile strength. It is specially formulated for the demands of a minimally sloped roof (no ponding water). The system is a 2-step process which starts with our Roof Primer, a highly adhesive waterproofing primer that adheres to virtually any roof material. We then apply our Flat Roof which is a ceramic acrylic elastomeric coating that is applied twice to create a 14 mil (DFT) barrier of leak protection and mold resistance. Also available is a zero slope roof system.

Rhino Roof Flat Roof’s ceramic formula offers substantial waterproofing and insulation benefits. Flat Roof forms a thick rubber like membrane with excellent flexibility and tensile strength. Easy to apply, the roof coating extends the life of the roof, is cheaper than re-roofing, provides a layer of leak protection, and is mold resistant.


✓ residential ✓ commercial ✓ flat roof
✓ all roof substrates ✓ water sealing ✓ Energy Star


Recommend for well drained sloped roofs (minimum of one inch slope per two feet length). Roofs with
ponding water require those areas to be treated with zero slope roof system. Ideal for use with asphalt, tile,
aluminum, steel, copper, plywood, shakes, Styrofoam, concrete and clay.

• Extends Roof Life
• Energy Star Product
• Easy to Apply
• Excellent Flexibility
• High Tensile Strength
• Leak Protection
• Mold Resistant
• Lowes Roof Surface Temperature


COLOR: White
VEHICLE: Copolymer Emulsion
SOLID BY WEIGHT: 62% +/- 2%
SOLID BY VOLUME: 43% +/-2%
GALLON WEIGHT: 11.9 lbs. +/- .3 lbs.
V.O.C’s: 69.4 grams per liter
SPREAD RATE: 100-150 sq/ft per gallon
RECOAT: 12-24 hours
CURE TIME: 5-7 days
5.1 perms


Discover the new age of long lasting property protection and choose Rhino Shield for your next paint or coating project!

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