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 Nature’s Cote™

Ceramic Interior Coating


Nature’s Cote™ is a high performance interior ceramic paint. Formulated with ceramic spheres and fillers, Nature’s Cote™’s durability is unmatched compared to traditional paints on the market with regards to abrasion resistance. Nature’s Cote™’s formula is water-based, Low or zero VOC product that has proven insulating and sound blocking benefits and high stain and dirt resistance. Due to the high ceramic solids and titanium dioxide, Nature’s Cote™ provides a beautiful finish making your selected color more vibrant and rich.

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✓ insulating


For use on interior walls, trim and ceilings. For use on surfaces such as plaster, wallboard, drywall, wood,
concrete, brick, wallpaper, primer metal and paneling.


• Abrasion Resistance
• Low Odor
• Low VOC
• Zero VOC Formula Available
• Class “A” Fire Rating, 0 Flame Spread
• Adds Insulation Value
• Reduces Noise Between Walls
• Cost Effective
• 4 Different Sheens Available
• May Be Tinted to Any Color

FINISH: Flat-Satin-Semi-gloss
COLOR: Tintable (white)
VEHICLE TYPE: Copolymer Emulsion
SOLID BY WEIGHT: 52% +/- 5%
GALLON WEIGHT: 11.5 lbs/gal +/-.5 lbs
LOW V.O.C. FORMULA 95.6 grams-per-liter
ZERO V.O.C. FORMULA: 0 grams-per-liter
SPREAD RATE 200-350 sq ft/gallon
DRY-TO-TOUCH: 2-4 hours
RECOAT: 4 hours
CURE TIME: 7 days
SCRUB TEST (ASTM D2486): 262 scrub cycles
PACKAGING: Quart, Gallon, 5-Gallon


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