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Red Iron Oxide

Metal Primer


Red Iron Oxide Primer is designed to prep metal and help encapsulate existing rust. This primer is very high
in solids including zinc and red iron oxide pigments. Red Iron Oxide is more environmentally friendly than
traditional red iron oxide formulas. Rhino Shield Red Iron Oxide is classified as a water-based, direct to metal


✓ residential ✓ commercial ✓ all climates
✓ metal ✓ walls ✓ roofs
✓ rust solution


Rhino Shield Red Iron Oxide may be used on steel, aluminum and galvanized metals. Uses include interior
and exterior walls and roofs. Red Iron Oxide may be used as a primer under a variety of Rhino Shield top


• Proven Effective on the Most Difficult Rust Problems
• Easy to Use and Install
• Superior Alternative to Sand Blasting
• High Solids Formulation
• Comprised of Zinc and Red Iron Oxide to Create High Quality Rust Encapsulation
• Superior Adhesion
• Accepts Most Finish Coats
• Very Versatile
• Eco-Friendly


FINISH/COLOR: Flat Reddish Brown
GALLON WEIGHT: 11.9 lbs. +/- .3 lbs
SPREAD RATE: 100-200 Sq.Ft/Gal
DRY TO TOUCH: 2 to 4 Hours
RECOAT: 12 hours minimums


Discover the new age of long lasting property protection and choose Rhino Shield for your next paint or coating project!

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