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Rhino Ceramic Enamel


Rhino Shield Enamel is durable multi-use enamel. The Rhino Enamel utilizes acrylic and urethane as the binders and ceramic microsphere solids for a superior product. A hard, durable enamel, it offers good resistance to stains, scrubbing, and abrasion. The urethane polymer composition provides excellent resistance to weathering, salt air, chemicals, and corrosion. As a water based enamel, Rhino Enamel offers the benefits of traditional solvent based enamels but is environmentally friendly with easy application.

✓ exterior ✓ interior ✓ residential
✓ commercial ✓ doors


The Rhino Shield enamel is ideal for entry doors, railings, cabinets, baseboards or wherever a hard, cleanable
paint is required. Rhino Enamel has excellent adhesion to aluminum, steel, primed metal, and hard woods.


• Versatile Uses on Many Interior and Exterior Surfaces
• Durable, Hard Coating
• Stain Resistance
• Excellent Weathering
• Environmentally Safe
• Resistant to Dirt Pick-Up


FINISH: semi gloss
COLOR: tintable
BASES: White, deep, clear
VEHICLE TYPE: Acrylic Emulsion
SPREAD RATE: 250-450 sq.ft/gallon
DRY TO TOUCH: 2-4 hours
RECOAT: 4 hours
CURE TIME: One week
SOLID BY WEIGHT: 50% +/-2%
SOLID BY VOLUME: 35% +/-2%
V.O.C. (averages): 148 grams/liter


Discover the new age of long lasting property protection and choose Rhino Shield for your next paint or coating project!

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