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Rhino Clear

Protective Waterproofing Sealer


Rhino-Clear is a clear-coat waterproofing sealer. Rhino-Clear protects, waterproofs, and beautifies most surfaces while decreasing the growth of mold, mildew and algae. It is 100% acrylic designed to penetrate porous surfaces and provide an excellent film formation over non-porous or previously painted surfaces. The high performance resin and special additives form a clear sealer finish, or clear gloss finish and helps restore the original color of your substrate.
Rhino Clear may be tinted to achieve attractive semi-transparent hues. Brown, red and honey are popular color choices for wood substrates to provide a rich stained look.

✓ residential ✓ commercial ✓ all climates
✓ walls ✓ roofs ✓ most substrates


Rhino-Clear is a long-lasting gloss finish ideal for most surfaces including: wood, metal, vinyl siding, aluminum,
stucco, stone, brick concrete, asphalt shingles, and tile


• Very Versatile Product
• May Be Applied to Most Exterior Floors, Roofs, Walls and Most Substrates
• Protects and Beautifies
• Makes Surfaces Easier to Clean
• Excellent for Brick Mortar. Delays Brick Repainting
• Excellent for Log Homes
• Better than Paraffin Alternatives.
• Repels Water
• Can Be Tinted for a Stain Look

VEHICLE TYPE: Copolymer emulsion
V.O.C: 59 g/liter
SOLID BY WEIGHT: 22% +/-2%
SOLID BY VOLUME: 19% +/-2%
GALLON WEIGHT: 8.8 lbs. +/- .3 lbs
SPREAD RATE: 250-350 sq/feet/gal
DRY TO TOUCH: 1-2 hours
RECOAT: 2 hours
(and prior coat is clear)
CURE TIME: 5 to 7 days
GLOSS: 70-80 degrees
PACKAGING: Quart, gallon, 5 gallon

Discover the new age of long lasting property protection and choose Rhino Shield for your next paint or coating project!

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