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Protect Your Home or Commercial Property from California Climate

Southern California enjoys a balmy year-round climate, but, while the weather may feel nice, it isn’t always kind to your property. Abundant sunlight and the ocean air saturated with salt water moisture can rapidly deteriorate the paint on your home or business property and cause damage to the wood or other materials it covers. Commercial painters can help preserve your property with a specially formulated coating designed to resist the unique climate of Southern California.

Exterior paint has a difficult task. Not only does it have to protect the underlying structure from moisture, temperature, and UV ray damage, it also has to retain its color and appearance to improve the aesthetic appeal of the property. Exterior paint is exposed to the outdoor elements 24/7 for years, so it is inevitable that paint will eventually peel, crack, or otherwise lose its effectiveness.

According to Angie’s List, depending on climate, most exterior paint jobs will begin to fail after five to seven years. The quality of the paint job also plays a factor, as professional commercial painters are better suited to apply the right level of paint to a surface to ensure its longevity.

UV Radiation and Exterior Paint

One of the leading environmental factors contributing to the deterioration of paint is UV radiation generated by sunlight. Southern California is well-known for having many sunny days per year, according to the table below, generated from information from Current Results Publishing.



Sunny Days Per Year





Costa Mesa


Dana Point


Laguna Beach


Long Beach


Los Angeles Airport




Newport Beach


Santa Barbara


Santa Monica

San Clemente


Thousand Oaks




While you may enjoy the sunny days, all of that sunlight has a detrimental impact on your home. UV radiation, or ultraviolet radiation, makes up about a tenth of the total light output of the sun. UV rays can cause chemical reactions and have been linked to human health concerns such as sunburn and skin cancer.

The Earth’s atmosphere insulates the world from much of the sun’s UV radiation, but enough still gets through to cause health concerns and to impact property.  UV radiation causes chemical bonds in paint to break down, resulting in the deterioration of the paint. Sunlight and UV radiation have the following impacts on exterior paint:

Fading or Bleaching: Photodegradation caused by UV radiation causes colors in paint to fade and become dull. The change is most noticeable in dark colors, but, given enough time, even bright colors can show noticeable fading.

Bubbling: Heat from the sun can interfere with the drying time paint needs to properly adhere to surfaces. This can cause blisters and bubbles to appear in the paint. Professional painters in Los Angeles and other parts of California make an effort never to apply paint to a hot surface to avoid bubbling.

Peeling: Prolonged exposure to the sun and varying temperatures can cause paint to expand and contract and eventually crack and peel. When paint bubbles pop, this can also cause cracking. When moisture gets into the spaces left by cracks and peeling, it can accelerate the cracking and peeling and also cause damage to the wood or other building materials the paint covered.

Blocking out the sun isn’t an option, so property owners need to ensure their paint forms an effective barrier between their structure and the elements. A specialized coating designed for Southern California’s climate can help.

Ocean Air Damages

The sun isn’t the only threat property owners in Southern California have to worry about regarding their exterior paint. Humid salty air can also have a corrosive effect on paint, causing it to age and deteriorate at a more rapid pace. Salt water is particularly corrosive to metal surfaces, and handrails, metal roofs, and other structures may experience rust if they’re not properly coated.


Consequences of Moisture Damage

When paint peels or cracks, it no longer forms an effective barrier between your property and the elements. Moisture can creep in and cause significant damage to the exterior of your home.

For example, moisture can cause wood siding to warp or rot. Moisture can also cause brick and stone structures to deteriorate over time. Should moisture infiltrate the interior of the home through exterior materials or the roof, it can cause rotting inside, contribute to mold growth and cause other damage.

A good coat of paint and a coating for your roof can greatly reduce your chances of experiencing costly damages to your home or other property.

There’s also much to be said for the value a fresh-looking coat of paint can add to your home. First impressions matter, and an attractive exterior can go a long way toward helping you get the price you want for your home.



How Rhino Shield SoCal Can Help

Rhino Shield SoCal can aid property owners in Southern California in protecting the exterior of their homes, rental properties, and businesses from cosmetic and structural damage related to deteriorating paint. With Rhino Shield SoCal’s revolutionary ceramic coating, property owners can avoid painting their property for up to 25 years, thanks to the durability of this amazing product.

Traditional paint is made up of only one-third solids, which makes it more susceptible to the elements. Rhino Shield SoCal’s coating is comprised of two-thirds coating, making it far more durable. The company also uses a higher grade of solids than traditional paints, which use cheap fillers such as chalk which break down faster.


Rhino Shield SoCal’s coating has a number of advantages over traditional paint that make it ideal for structures in California. Unlike traditional paints, which do not expand and contract with natural wall movement, Rhino Shield SoCal’s coating does, allowing it to avoid peeling and cracking.

The coating exceeds federal wind-driven rain resistance requirements and reflects UV rays. The coating is manufactured specifically to resist salt air corrosion and is also resistant to mold, mildew, and algae. The coating also lowers wall surface temperature.

When commercial painters from Rhino Shield SoCal apply their coating to your property, they follow an 11-step installation process which ensures maximum effectiveness of the product. The installation process begins with a thorough inspection of the property, followed by cleaning and washing.

Next, painters will patch and repair any holes or other exterior damage. Following this step, painters will scrape, caulk, and mask the surface. Then painters will prime the surface and later apply the finish coat. Painters complete the process by performing touch-up work, cleaning up the work area, and subjecting the property to a final inspection.

Thanks to the high quality of the coating and the professional job commercial painters do in applying it, Rhino Shield SoCal coatings last far longer than traditional exterior paint jobs.

In addition to Rhino Shield So Cal’s exterior coating, the company also sells a coating for roofs. This special coating helps protect shingles and other roofing materials
from the elements, adding years of longevity to roofs. Water damage can be greatly damaging to roofs, so the extra protecting provided by a coating can make a huge difference.

Rhino Shield SoCal has operated in the Los Angeles area for nearly 20 years. In that time, the company has perfected its coating, which provides unbeatable protection from the challenges posed by California’s climate. Company staff members are well-trained and have extensive experience in handling the many issues that can arise on commercial and residential painting jobs.