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Rhino Shield for Your Home

Repainting your home is a chore that every homeowner knows and fears. It’s a huge time sink, often requiring a few days to get the job done properly. It’s estimated that the average house takes 60 hours to repaint. Beyond that, there’s the cost of paint and tools. While homes in California may not suffer through the same extreme weather as other states, regular exposure to the sun will also fade and wear away a paint job. For years, people have just considered this to be something of a fact of life-in order to keep your California home looking nice, repainting is required every few years.

However, Rhino Shield is changing all of that. With a 25-year factory warranty, we’re 100% confident our paint alternative will last at least that long. As your residential painters, we’ll apply Rhino Shield to your home and give you the long-lasting protection you need. We service a number of California communities, such as the following:

  • Newport Beach
  • Laguna Beach
  • Los Angeles
  • Malibu
  • Huntington Beach
  • Costa Mesa
  • Riverside
  • Santa Barbara
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Westlake Village
  • Ventura


The Rhino Shield Difference

Understanding what sets our alternative to paint apart will help you see how Rhino Shield lasts so long. First, consider what regular paint consists of. Regular paint is usually made up of about one-third solids, with these solids being cheap filler materials like chalk. Such a low amount of solids leaves you with a thin coat that will flake and chip shortly. The cheap materials also mean that the integrity of the coat is at risk, with these solids crumbling or scraping off. On the other hand, Rhino Shield is over two-thirds solids. This may not seem like a big deal, but this leaves you with a coat that is 8-10 times thicker than the average paint coat. The thicker the coat, the more durable it is. That’s just common sense.

It’s not just the quantity of solids that make Rhino Shield more durable, it’s also the quality of the solids. There are no cheap filler materials to be found in Rhino Shield. Instead, we use high-quality ceramic microspheres. These are extremely durable, strong spheres. They are also different sizes, which allows them to compact into dense, thick layer that is guaranteed to last for years. That quality makes it ideal for residential painters or just average homeowners who value durable coating.

Here Are Some of the Benefits of Rhino Shield:

    • Protection Against the Elements. California doesn’t see quite as much extreme weather as other states, but excessive exposure to the sun can also wear on a coat of paint. Rhino Shield can endure this with ease, lasting for years without fading or chalking. Temperatures can also get uncomfortably hot, which is where the UV-reflectiveness of Rhino Shield comes in handy. This keeps the temperatures of your walls down, requiring less money be spent on air conditioning.
    • Saves You Time and Money. Every California homeowner knows how much of a hassle it is to repaint their home every few years. Its a lengthy process thats also costly. With Rhino Shield, you can rest assured that you won’t have to paint again for at least 25 years, which saves you time and money.
    • Increased Home Value. California homeowners also want their homes to be worth as much as possible. Several things can contribute to the value of a home, like merely being in California. However, a paint job also makes a home more valuable. A Rhino Shield paint job will look fantastic and is sure to impress any prospective buyers. More importantly, the 25 year warranty is transferable, meaning that new homeowners can rest assured they won’t have to paint again anytime soon.

Once you learn just how different Rhino Shield is than regular paint, it’s easy to see why so many people are switching over to it. It’s time to break out of the constant cycle of our homes. It’s safe to say that there’s a hundred better ways we can think of to spend our time. Next time you repaint your home, think to yourself- why repaint every few years when you don’t have to? Choose Rhino Shield and never paint again.

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