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Rhino Shield for Your Residence

Repainting is a chore that any California homeowner dreads. It’s time consuming, costly and can easily take a few days. That’s a huge time sink- no one wants to spend that much time painting. It doesn’t help that the job needs to be done every five years or so. This can make it seem as if repainting is a constant cycle. For years, this fact of life has stood unchallenged. If homeowners want their home to look nice, they need to paint every few years. However, Rhino Shield is changing that idea.


The Rhino Shield Difference

The first thing people typically notice about Rhino Shield is how much it outlasts traditional paint. That’s the difference- it’s not paint. We’re 100% confident our coating will last at least that long. This may seem like a bold statement, and you may wonder how we get our coating to last so much longer than typical paint. Our coating is engineered for longevity, and it shows.

Other Benefits

The durability of Rhino Shield will save you time and money as you find yourself going decades without repainting. However, there are other benefits to Rhino Shield as well. For starters, it increases the value of your home. Any prospective homeowners are going to look at the coat of paint on your house. Rhino Shield is bound to impress them, and beyond that, the 25 year warranty is transferable to new owners. That way they can rest assured they are getting a  house with a solid coat of paint.

Even if you’re not selling your home anytime soon, you can still appreciate the attractive look of Rhino Shield. Our paint applies a luxurious sheen, and can be tinted to match any color. That means we have the paint to match any style or home.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why so many people are switching to Rhino Shield. Nobody likes having to repaint, so why do it? One coat of Rhino Shield is guaranteed to last at least 25 years, saving you tons of time and money. Next time you repaint your California home, go with Rhino Shield and you’ll never have to paint again!

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