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Santa Monica Painters

The Perils of Painting in Santa Monica 

Coastal weather can destroy any Pacific Palisades painting job. The corrosive effects of sun, rain, fog, and saltwater are well known. In a seaside community like Pacific Palisades, they easily combine to wear down any surface and wash out the most vibrant color. In a few short years, that brand-new coat of paint begins to look faded, chipped, and old. Your home or office suddenly looks as if it has seen better days. Hence the endless cycle of painting and repainting.


Traditional Santa Monica Painting

If you don’t want to call a new set of Pacific Palisades painters every 3 to 5 years in order to apply a fresh coat of paint, then consider the alternative: Rhino Shield coating. Unlike traditional paint, which consists largely of water and provides only the thinnest layer of protection against the elements, Rhino Shield ceramic coating is composed primarily of solids, making it far more durable and resilient than your average paint.


…Versus Rhino Shield

Even the mildest climates can chip away at a traditional paint job. With Rhino Shield, your exterior will look vivid and beautiful for up to a quarter of a century. That’s up to 20 years longer than your typical latex paint, which has a tendency to fade in less than a decade. Don’t resign yourself to paint that peels, flakes, and chalks. Next time your home or office needs a new exterior coat, call our Pacific Palisades painters to take advantage of the Rhino Shield difference.