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At Rhino Shield®, we are pleased to announce a new product that we feel home and business owners are really going to be excited about: Super Shield® Roof Coatings.

Undergoing a complete roofing replacement can be a seriously expensive project and can also be extremely exhausting, especially if you end up trying to do it yourself. Super Shield® installations are easy, fast and far more cost effective than a total roof overhaul. Instead of replacing your entire roof, industrial painters simply add a simple but powerful coat on top of the current surface. Our product forms a protective membrane around your existing roof that either expands or contracts depending on the surrounding temperature. Super Shield® also keeps your roof sealed and protected from moisture and the growth of mold and mildew.

This specially formulated ceramic coating for roofs has similar heat and ultraviolet resistance properties to that of our more common Rhino Shield® exterior coatings, making it the ideal solution for Southern California residents who need year-round protection from the sun’s rays. Along with our more common products, Super Shield is designed to save you money on heating and cooling costs for your home or business.

Super Shield® Applications

Rhino Shield’s new Super Shield technology may be applied to most roofing surfaces including:

  • Primed metal
  • Clay concrete
  • Asphalt
  • Bonded roof gravel
  • Slate
  • Tile
  • and more

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Super Shield® BENEFITS

Reduce Energy Consumption

Super Shield® is a registered Energy Star product. Our product’s high solar reflectance index reflects UV rays from the roof, cooling the surface and saving money.

Moisture Protection

Super Shield® seals to the surface to help prevent water penetration one of the leading causes of roof deterioration. Our coating exceeds ASTM water swelling tests for moisture protection.

Resists Mold, Mildew & Staining

Our proprietary three-part additive restricts the growth of mold and mildew and blocks stain formation.

Non-Prorated Transferable Warranty

Super Shield Roof Coating is backed by a written 10-Year non-prorated, transferable warranty. This feature can increase the resale value of your home.

Eliminate Granule Loss

On shingle roofs prevent typical granule breakdown.

No Cracking, Flaking, Peeling

Our low maintenance coating has been tested against cracking, chipping, or peeling for ten years and also has excellent cold weather flexibility.

Increase Roof Longevity

Delay or eliminate costly roof repair or replacement.


Rather than doing a complete roof replacement, Super Shield® protects your existing roof and extends its life. With Super Shield®, you may change the color of your roof in the future and choose from unlimited hues. Super Shield® is easy to clean, installation is simple, and costs much less than roof replacement.


Super Shield® SCIENCE

Super Shield® is a highly specialized, chemically formulated ceramic elastomeric roof coating system. It is designed to waterproof, insulate, and beautify. Super Shield® forms a thick mem­brane that seals out water and expands and contracts with temperature changes and building movement. Our revolutionary formula contains billions of ceramic microspheres that allow our coatings to perform under harsh elements and last 10 years. These spheres form a protective layer against your roof, protecting your home or building from moisture, high winds, and the growth of mold, mildew and algae. Furthermore, Super Shield® has a class “A” fire rating and a high solar reflectance index.


Super Shield® is classified as a low-e coating that reduces the thermo-conductivity of your building’s roof and can help to reduce heating and cooling ex­penses. Super Shield® Ceramic Coating has a high solar reflectance index, meaning UV rays from the sun are reflected, cooling the surface of your home.

Super Shield® roof coating is proven to reflect the sun’s heat intense UV rays and lower a roof’s surface temperature. The thermal image above shows an asphalt shingle roof with and without Super Shield®. The Super Shield® roof was 25˚ cooler at an ambient outside temperature of 78˚ F.

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