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Eleven Step Process

When we go to work on your home, we follow a rigorous routine of preparation that culminates in the application of this durable ceramic coating. Rhino Shield’s unique painting service can be described by an 11-step installation process not only intended to beautify your home, but more importantly sustain that beauty by protecting your home against nature’s most inflicting elements.


Step 1 – Thorough Inspection Step 6 – Masking
Step 2 – Cleaning and Washing Step 7 – Priming
Step 3 – Patching and Repair Step 8 – Finish Coat Application
Step 4 – Scraping Step 9 – Detail Touch-Up
Step 5 – Caulking Step 10 – Clean Up
Step 11 – Final Inspection



Certified Crew with a 25 Year Warranty on our work


The Rhino Shield Process

Repainting is a task that any home or building owner dreads. It’s a long, laborious task that’s both time-consuming and expensive. The worst part is that this usually needs to be done every five years or so. Most people simply accept this as a fact of life- a hassle they have to go through every few years and an expense they can’t get around.

That’s where Rhino Shield comes in. With a 25 year warranty, we’re 100% confident that our paint will last much, much longer than an ordinary coat. However, a coat of paint is only as worthwhile as the method in which it is applied.

Our Professional Team

To ensure that each and every paint job is done correctly, only certified Rhino Shield dealers can install our system in California. We only provide excellent paint, which is why we only certify excellent dealers. Our California dealer has gone through a lengthy process to ensure they are qualified to be applying our paint. After that, we make sure they are trained to be apply Rhino Shield coatings, not just ordinary paint.

We do this so that we can guarantee the job is done right the first time. That way, you never have to paint again.

There’s a reason why we don’t let just anyone apply Rhino Shield. It’s because we want to guarantee that you receive the ultimate customer service experience. We’re honored to be your choice in professional painting, so we will only ever send out the best workers. Our number one priority always has been and always will be customer service. We’re honored to be painting your home or building, so we take our job very seriously.

Our Painting Process: Preparation

Any solid paint job starts with proper preparation. A durable coat of paint requires taking the steps to prepare the surface. If this stage is not done correctly, then the coat of paint is doomed for failure. Thankfully, we know exactly what we are doing.

To begin our process, we thoroughly inspect the entire area to be painted, noting any areas that may require extra care. Next, we power wash the entire surface to remove dirt or other loose debris. Following that, we complete any necessary repairs, scrape the entire area to remove loose paint, caulk all surface holes and gaps to ensure flexibility and longevity, as well as mask off any areas not to be painted.


✓ Through Inspection
We thoroughly inspect every facet of your home’s exterior receiving Rhino Shield ceramic coating, and proceed to make an inventory of any wood needing replacement, stucco needing repair, and other nuisances that may hinder the process.


✓ Pressure Washing
Every surface receiving the ceramic coating is pressure washed in order to expunge any dirt and debris, leaving a perfectly clean surface for optimal Rhino Shield adhesion.


✓ Repair/Replace Siding
Damaged siding is replaced with its exact same type, whether it be wood or stucco,
in order to retain the original condition of your home.


✓ Scraping
We scrape and sand every inch and corner covered in the chipping coats of loose
paint you have been applying year after year, as well as any stubborn debris missed
by the pressure washing. This creates a more bondable surface for Rhino Shield to
adhere to.

✓ Priming
Any areas containing raw wood are first coated with an oil based primer. We then
apply our proprietary solid coat, Rhino Shield First Coat/Adhesive Primer Sealer,
which acts as a bonding agent for the finishing coat to your home, and prevents it from
cracking or peeling.


✓ Caulking
Using a high quality elastomeric acrylic caulk, we seal up any vulnerable cracks and
holes, vertical joints, and cracks along windows and doors. This reduces air infiltration and increases longevity and flexibility.


✓ Masking
Any areas not being painted are masked off, covered, or temporarily removed to protect them from Rhino Shield’s heavy-duty, durable paint. Areas prone to overspray are also covered, including roofing, landscaping, lawns, and decks.

Painting the Surface

Finally, we get to painting. A priming coat is important- it provides a bonding agent for the ceramic coat. This primer also contains an additive that further reduces mold and mildew growth. When the primer is dry, we apply our ceramic finish coat.

This coat can be tinted to any color, meaning you never are lacking options. It is sprayed at a high thickness to provide protection for your walls, as well last for years. When this coat is dry, we apply any touch up painting to trim or tight space areas, ensuring that we leave a finished, beautiful coat.

✓ Finish Coat Application
After prepping your home for the most impressive makeover it’s ever going to receive,
we finally apply Rhino Shield ceramic coating to your home. You can rest assured that
your beautiful home will withstand the most oppressive forces of nature, and stay that
way for years and years to come.

✓ Detail Finish/Touch-Up
When all of the dirty work is finished, we touch up and finely detail any tight spaces around areas such as windows and doors to make sure your home keeps its pristine, elegant look.

✓ Clean-up
When the detail and touch-up is completed, we clean up our mess and make sure your beautiful home stands out to any passerby. We don’t just want to paint your home, we also take pride in returning the area around it to its original state or better.

Check for Approval

The last part of our process is ensuring that you are entirely content with our job. When we say customer service is our number one priority, we mean it. Our work is not finished until we are sure you are 100% satisfied with the job we have provided. This may include touch ups or trim painting. We never leave without making sure you’re happy first.

Rhino Shield has taken the time to engineer a world-class paint. It wouldn’t make sense for us to let anyone other than the best apply it. We wouldn’t trust our California dealer with painting your homes if we wouldn’t trust them painting our own homes. We guarantee the entire process is easy, stress-free and goes as smoothly as possible.

In addition to doing the job correctly, they also do the job as quickly as possible so that you can move on with your life. Your time is valuable- we get that. You have other things to worry about, so we take care to make sure this process is easy, quick and pain-free. Getting your California property painted with Rhino Shield is so easy, it may be hard to ever go back to painting it yourself. Don’t bother with the hassle of painting your house now, and again in a few years. Go with Rhino Shield and never paint again.

✓ Final Inspection

The job might look completed, but we only consider the job finished after you personally approve what we’ve done. 100% satisfaction from you is the key to our success.

Rhino Shield dealers are independent businesses, trained and certified by Rhino Shield corporate, who have been given specific territories untouchable to other dealers to market and install Rhino Shield. In order to receive Rhino Shield’s painting service and 11-step process, it must be installed by one of the many dealers. Only Rhino Shield dealers have accumulated the proper experience and training necessary to prepare a home or building for our services and apply Rhino Shield ceramic coating correctly.

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