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Why Rhino Shield California

California has some of the mildest and most enjoyable weather in the United States- it’s no wonder why people flock here from across the country. Sunny, warm days are plentiful, and it seemingly never rains. However, California homeowners are still subject to the dreadful and regular task of re-painting their homes every 3-5 years or so. It may seem like mild weather preserves paint, but after several years of baking in the sun, the paint on California homes often ends up chalking and fading. The harsh sun in Southern California can take a terrible toll on an exterior coating. Even without excessive exposure to the sun, the average paint coat will flake or chip within a few years. Along the coast, salt corrosion and fog can wear on a coat of paint. Drastic and sudden weather changes also can make paint wear down quicker than usual. Many homeowners simply accept constant repainting as a fact of life.

The Rhino Shield Difference

Rhino Shield challenges the status quo by offering a paint that lasts far longer than standard paint. While ordinary paint requires reapplication every 5 years, Rhino Shield comes with a 25 year warranty. We’re 100% confident that our paint will last at least 25 years without chipping, flaking, chalking or fading. Now this is a pretty bold claim. Rhino Shield lasts so much longer because it’s engineered to do with an entirely different composition than regular paint. Ordinary paint is composed of roughly one-third solids. This results in a thin, weak coat that is bound to deteriorate after a few years. Additionally, the solids are typically cheap filler materials such as chalk. These materials have very little integrity and will break off or crumble within the finished paint coat. In comparison, Rhino Shield is composed of at least two-thirds solids. This leaves you with a coat that is much thicker (2-3 times as thick, in fact). It’s common sense- the thicker the coat, the more durable it is. Building upon that, Rhino Shield uses ceramic microspheres for its solid content. These spheres are very durable, and they also pack down to form a compact, rugged coat of paint that is guaranteed to last for years. This all adds up to benefits for anyone repainting a building. Repainting every few years is a hassle, it’s time consuming and it’s expensive. Painting a California building every five years or so may not seem very costly, but it adds up after time. By repainting your home or building with a coat of Rhino Shield, you can literally save thousands after a longer period of time. That’s not to mention how nice it is not have to bother with repainting regularly.

Other Benefits of Rhino Shield

The benefits of Rhino Shield go far beyond longevity and durability. One of the most noticeable benefits of Rhino Shield is that it beautifies your California home or building. With a luxurious sheen, our paint will look great the day it’s applied and for years to come. With a regular coat of paint, you may have to put up with chipping or flaking paint until you have time to repaint. This isn’t the case with Rhino Shield, as it’s guaranteed to last for at least 25 years. Rhino Shield also acts as a multi-purpose protective coating. Our paint has been proven to reflect UV-rays, decreasing the temperature of the walls of your home and reducing energy costs. Lab tests have also revealed that Rhino Shield provides substantial soundproofing qualities. Rhino Shield also has a Class A fire rating, making it ideal for the dry climate of California. Additionally, a coat of Rhino Shield will increase the value of your home or building. A prospective buyer will take into account the coat of paint and how soon it will need to be repainted. Our 25 year warranty is transferrable between owners, so buyers can rest assured they still wouldn’t need to repaint for at least several years.

Type of Property Common Problem Weather Condition Solution
Wooden Home Easily Flammable Dry Areas, Droughts or Lack of Rain Rhino Shield has a Class A fire rating, meaning it is engineered to protect against fires.
Any Painted Home Paint Becoming Chalky and Wearing Off Overexposed to the Sun Rhino Shield is engineered to reflect UV-Rays and can easily withstand sun exposure.
Any Painted Home Faded Paint,  Paint Losing Color Excessive Exposure to the Sun Rhino Shield is designed to reflect UV-Rays, meaning it can withstand decades of sun exposure.


Next time you go to repaint your home, ask yourself- why repaint every few years when you don’t have to? We guarantee that a single coat of our paint will last at least 25 years, freeing you from the cycle of constant repainting. Save time, money and effort by switching over to Rhino Shield. Never paint again!